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Welcome! This site is a primer meant to introduce people to Mass Effect, the fictional universe created by the Bioware video games and related tie-in media. If you are interested in reading a Mass Effect fanfic, but you've never played the games before and you don't know a vorcha from a varren, then you are the target audience for this website. Again, welcome!

Fanfic authors may also find this site useful, as a quick index to the Mass Effect Wiki.

NOTE: This site is full of untagged spoilers. I assume that those reading it (1) have not played the games, and do not intend to; (2) have played the game already, but want a refresher; or (3) don't care about spoilers.


Q: Why this site and not a wiki?

A: Wikis are great! I love wikis. But wikis are great at being in-depth encyclopedias, when what a newbie really needs is a guided tour that just shows off the 10,000-foot view.

Q: If you wrote this site to support a fanfic... well, which one?

A: As of this writing (2016-08-21), I have one series on AO3, and that series contains one completed story, “Ghosts”, and one sequel in progress, “Secrets”. The series is centered around Kaidan Alenko as the primary protagonist, and he is in a romantic relationship with (male) Commander Shepard. The stories are both rated “T”, as will all future stories in the series.